How to Cure White Spots on Skin: Home Remedies for White Patches on Skin (Vitiligo)

Cure White Spots on Skin

The appearance of white spots on skin is a common problem. These white skin spots may join together to form white patches. White patch on the skin is also known as leucoderma or vitiligo. Vitilogo is a skin disease due to the loss of pigmentation in certain areas. As a result, skin white spots and patches appear in different parts of the body. The skin that is commonly exposed to sun often develops these white skin spots. The white spots on skin from sun are more common in areas such as the hands, feet, arms, legs, face, lips, and around eyes, mouth and nostrils.

The appearance of white spots on the face can be disturbing and worrying. However, there are treatments available to lessen the appearance of vitiligo patches, such as corticosteroid cream, phototherapy method, transplantation vitiligo, and so on. There also exist effective home remedies that can be used to cure white spots on skin. Following are some of the popular natural remedies to get rid of white patches on skin.

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Home Remedies for White Patches on Skin

There are a range of cost-effective home remedies that can help to cure white spots on skin. Some of the most effective home remedies for white skin patches are given below. Follow these simple home remedies to cure vitiligo white spots on the skin naturally.

Always wash your face to keep it clean and to prevent infection. Wash your face two to three times each day with a mild cleanser or a gentle, moisturizing soap.

Rinse your face with a mixture of some apple cider vinegar and water twice a day. The acidic nature of this solution helps in killing fungi and bacteria that cause white spots on skin.

Dead skin cells in the skin surface may block pores, leading to skin white spots. Exfoliate your skin at least twice a week to remove the dead skin cells and dirt from your skin surface.

Holy basil oil proves to be beneficial in treating leucoderma patches. You can apply the oil directly on the affected areas to get rid of vitiligo spots and patches.

You could also rub the white spots with a small piece of raw ginger for 5 minutes three times a day. By doing this, blood in the blood vessels of the underlying skin cells gets stimulated, the skin condition improves.

Mixture of ginger juice and red clay can also help heal leucoderma in a natural way. To prepare the mixture, the red clay and ginger juice should be in a ratio of 1:1. Apply the mixture over the skin spots, leave it for about 20 minutes, and wash it off with water.

Wild duckweed also aid in adding pigment back to the white skin patches. Rub the juice of wild duckweed on the white spots five to six times a day for a month.

Vitamin E is great for your skin as it helps reduce white skin spots. Apply pure vitamin E oil to the affected areas, each morning and at night, before bed. Application of vitamin E oil will provide adequate moisture to the skin by preventing water loss.

You could also use cabbage juice to cure white spots on skin. Extract some cabbage juice and apply it on the affected area. Leave for 5–10 minutes. It is believed to be one of the most effective home remedies for vitiligo skin patches.

Take 250 milliliters of mustard oil and mix it with 5 teaspoons of turmeric powder to make a paste. Apply this paste to the affected area twice a day.

Storing water overnight in a copper jug and drinking the same in the morning, on an empty stomach will also help to reduce vitiligo white spots on skin.

These are a few home remedies on how to cure white spots on skin. Try these natural remedies to get rid of vitiligo white patches easily.